Our Objective Is

To contribute to an innovative, sustainable and inclusive education system by supporting the development of teachers, school managers and other actors involved in mainstreaming/inclusive practices.

Our Purpose Is

To ensure the integration of all students in society by increasing the quality of mainstreaming/inclusive practices in our country.

Our Intervention Areas

Intervention Area I

Institutional Capacity Building: Institutional capacity will be developed in special education and guidance services throughout the country for inclusive education.

Intervention Area II

Awareness Raising: Awareness of various target groups will be increased through campaigns and activities on special education and inclusion/mainstreaming practices. It is aimed to reach 3700 people with the campaigns and events to be organized.

Intervention Area III

Scientific and Technical Studies: An impact analysis will be conducted in GRCs to improve the institutional capacity of special education and guidance services, in order to increase the effectiveness of the diagnosis and placement system.

Intervention Area IV

Coordination and Cooperation: Coordination and cooperation will be provided with relevant NGO representatives in special education and inclusion/mainstreaming practices.   


“My Story” National Short Movie Contest, First Prize: Plus One (Director: Abdullah Şahin)

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“My Story” National Short Movie Contest, Second Prize: +1 (Director: Mustafa Yılmaz)

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“My Story” National Short Movie Contest, Third Prize: Solo (Director: Zeynel Hebun Güler)               

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“My Story” National Short Film

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Introductory Movie of

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BEGEP Opening Conference
Introductory Movie

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