Pilot Implementation of the Special Education Support System Starts

Pilot implementation of the Special Education Support System (ÖZEDES) starts with the completion of the Instructional Methods and Strategies Guide for Teachers and the Implementation Guide for Special Education Support System. The objectives of the implementation include testing, implementing, and developing the ÖZEDES model in pilot schools, which is a structural process for evaluating students’ achievements and needs in order to support academic and social-behavioral fields and to promote inclusive education.

We develop the Special Education Support System (ÖZEDES) with the Response to Intervention Model approach to strengthen the mainstreaming/inclusion practices. The most important goal of ÖZEDES is to identify students in the risk group who need support in academic, social-emotional fields and language-communication at school. It also includes the creation of a roadmap/guide that addresses the implementation steps to support the identified students and students with special education needs in the classroom with an inclusive approach.

One-Day Workshops Before the Pilot Implementation

The one-day workshops planned before the pilot implementation will be held between 13-25 September in Ankara, Adana, Istanbul, Trabzon, and Izmir. In the workshops, within the scope of the Briefing Training Program of the Special Education Support System (ÖZEDES), inclusion practices in education, what the Special Education Support System (ÖZEDES) is and why it is needed will be discussed. Topics such as ÖZEDES implementation processes, instructional methods, and strategies in the second and third tier intervention process of ÖZEDES will be shared with teachers and managers.

Pilot Implementation Process

It is planned that the piloting will be carried out between September 2021- April 2022. In this process, teachers will determine whether there are students with academic and behavioral problems in their classes by making screenings to be able to make implementation within the framework of ÖZEDES, and then apply intervention activities for Tier 2 and Tier 3 for students with special education needs and students who are determined to need support. The results of these implementations will be continuously monitored and evaluated by an expert team.

The monitoring and evaluation studies at the end of the pilot implementation are planned to be carried out between April 2022 and May 2022.