Impact Assessment Of The Educational Assessment And Identification And Placement Processes In Guidance And Research Centers (GRC) Is Prepared

The Ministry of National Education aims to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the educational assessment and identification process in GRCs with the objective of strengthening its institutional capacity.

“Impact Assessment of Educational Assessment and Identification and Placement Processes in Guidance and Research Centers (GRC)” within the scope of BEGEP Project was conducted with the field study questionnaires and in-depth interviews between March 2020- March 2021.

Five different questionnaires were designed to be implemented for the families of individuals with special education needs, to the individuals themselves over 18 and without any severe intellectual disabilities, to the teachers who work within the scope of mainstreaming/inclusive practices, to the special education teachers, to the GRCs and to the Province/District Special Education Services Boards, and in-depth interviews were carried out with these target groups and MoNE officials. A total of 60 questionnaires, including 30 families and 30 teachers, were conducted in the pilot field study, and 5221 questionnaires were conducted in the general field study. A total of 134 in-depth interviews were conducted, 34 of which were in the pilot study.