Third Steering Committee Meeting Is Carried Out

Third Steering Committee Meeting of the Development of Inclusive Education Project was carried out online with the participation of Ministry of National Education, Directorate General for Special Education and Guidance Services, Project Director Ms. Deniz Güler and all related parties on 28 January 2021.

The parties were informed about the progress achieved in the first 6 months and the planned studies in the meeting, in which representatives of the relevant stakeholder NGOs were also present.

The meeting, which started with the presentation of the project in the first 6-month period of the project and the studies planned to be conducted in the future, continued with the speech of Ms. Gülnihan Cihanoğlu Gülen, Contract Manager at the Directorate of European Union and Financial Assistance in the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, and Mr. Mehmet Caner Demir, Sector Manager at the Delegation of European Union to Turkey.

In his speech, Ms. Güler stated that if the conditions regarding the outbreak were favorable, it was planned to start face-to-face activities in the future by taking the necessary measures.

In the following part of the meeting, representatives of NGOs, which are the stakeholders of the project, also presented their opinions and suggestions.