Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Assessment Tool Survey Studies

Development of Inclusive Education Project has carried out survey studies on an online platform between 10 and 22 June through questionnaires that would determine the training needs, competencies and problems related to the inclusion / integration practices of teachers working in the field of ‘Inclusive Education’ aiming to ensure that students with special education needs achieve the highest level of educational goals in all levels and all types of schools by interacting with other individuals.

With the data to be obtained from the Training Needs Analysis questionnaires, it is planned to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes that teachers really need in mainstreaming/inclusion practices in order to develop In-Service Training Programs to be carried out within the scope of the project.

While 39.332 teachers participated in the first round of surveys, the second round of surveys was shared with 18,000 teachers and the results are to be obtained. It is aimed to reach 50.000 teachers in total through both of the surveys.