BEGEP Project Opening Conference Inclusive Education Panel

BEGEP Project Opening Conference Inclusive Education Panel

Ms. Pervin Sabur, Vice President of Autism Federation and President of Şafak Autism Association, and Mr. Özgün Uğurlu, Vocal Artist, were the guests of the first session of the Inclusive Education Panel, which was held within the scope of the awareness raising component of the project, at the opening conference of the Development of Inclusive Education Project (BEGEP) on December 17, 2019. In addition, actor Ms. Ceyda Düvenci attended the conference, which she could not attend due to her busy schedule, with a video on the subject.

While the importance of family awareness and family support for the child to be with other peers, to create conditions suitable for their needs and to make the child’s education process healthy, roles of teachers working in special education services in mainstreaming and inclusion, the importance of the sensitivity and awareness of people from all walks of life and prejudices were discussed in the panel, she shared her experiences on the subject with the participants.

Awareness raising campaigns to be organized within the scope of communication activities for school managers, families and NGOs will start in February 2020 and will continue throughout the project.