BEGEP Brings Non-Governmental Organızations Together

BEGEP Brings Non-Governmental Organizations Together

Workshop on Strengthening Cooperation with Non-governmental Organizations within the scope of the 16th Intervention of the Development of Inclusive Education Project was held in Istanbul on January 9, 2020.

A total of 122 people attended the workshop, 94 of whom were representatives of 42 NGOs invited from the pilot provinces of the project.

In the morning session of the workshop, which was held with the aim of ensuring coordination and cooperation with NGO representatives on special education and inclusion/mainstream education, a SWOT analysis was conducted to provide NGOs with a perspective for their role in inclusive education. The participants were divided into groups and discussed strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats in 9 different topics as follows: “Cooperation between NGO-Target Groups (Individuals with Special Needs)”, “Cooperation between NGO-School Stakeholders (Administrative Staff, Teachers, Support Services, School-Parent Association)”, “Cooperation between NGO-Families of Children / Youth with Special Needs”, “Cooperation between NGO-Families of Children / Youth with Usual Development”, “Cooperation Between NGOs-Public Institutions”, “Cooperation Between NGOs”, “Cooperation Between NGO-Private Sector Organizations”, “Cooperation on the Synchronization of Services of NGO-Related Institutions” and “Well-Attended Cooperation to be Established for NGO-Social Integration”.

The results of each group from the SWOT Analysis made within the framework of the objective that “a civil society that is fully integrated with the public, private sector, all institutions, organizations, representatives, target groups and their immediate surroundings having a role in education studies conducted in Turkey for individuals with special needs to support social transformation” were shared with all participants in the afternoon session.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants were informed about the Awareness Raising Campaigns to be held within the scope of the BEGEP Project, and their suggestions and contributions were received.