Lessons Learned Panel

Lessons Learned Panel

Within the scope of the Current Situation Analysis (CSA) Report, which is intended to serve as a basis for the further work of the operation, the Lessons Learned Panel was held on October 17, 2019, where the findings of the Focus Group Interviews held with teachers working in the field of inclusion/mainstreaming and recommendations and suggestions for the data in the Benchmarking Report were discussed.

Representatives of the related general directorate, academicians and representatives of NGOs participated to the panel chaired by General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services of the Ministry of National Education Operation Unit Coordinator Ms. Büşra Şeyma Biçen Kartal. Following the opening speech made by Ms. Büşra Şeyma Biçen Kartal, Team Leader Mr. Alfredas Zabieta made a presentation with general information about the interventions to be carried out within the scope of the operation.   After his presentation, Mr. Zabieta stated that the panel would be very useful for exchanging ideas with stakeholders regarding the Benchmarking Report and the Current Situation Analysis Report and developing the reports in line with these suggestions, and left the floor to Key Expert on Training Ms. Mudite Reigase for her to present the Benchmarking Report.

Noting that the report is not an academic research, Training Expert Ms. Reigase stated that within the scope of the report, information about the inclusive education and continuing professional development practices of five different countries in Europe were presented. Expressing that the purpose of selecting the five countries in the report is to reflect different practices for In-Service Training (HIE), Ms. Mudite Reigase stated that study visits are expected to be conducted to three of the selected countries (Finland, Ireland and Italy) within the scope of Intervention 9.

After Ms. Reigase completed her presentation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seray Olçay Gül informed the participants about the findings in the Current Situation Analysis Report.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seray Olçay Gül stated that the current situation in the mainstreaming/inclusion practices in Turkey are reflected based on the opinions of the teachers in the report and gave information about the important factors that play a role in the success of the mainstreaming and emphasized that these factors should be taken into consideration while creating In-Service Training contents.

The panel ended after the question-answer section, suggestions and comments were shared. Benchmarking Report and Current Situation Analysis Report will be developed and finalized in line with the suggestions discussed in the Panel, which includes information on which types of In-Service Training Programs the teachers working in the field of inclusion have received in the international context.