Inceptıon Report Evaluatıon Workshop Was Held

Inception Report Evaluation Workshop was Held

The Inception Report Workshop, which was held in order to inform the parties during the preparation of the Inception Report and to progress with a mutual agreement, was held on September 3, 2019.

Officials from the relevant general directorates of the Ministry of National Education, which is the Beneficiary, representatives of the Contracting Authority and Delegation of European Union to Turkey, representatives of the NGOs working in this field, stakeholder representatives and Technical Assistance Team members attended the workshop.

The workshop started with the speech of Ministry of National Education Head of the Department of R&D and Projects Mr. Ertan Göv.  Stating that there are activities to be carried out with different general directorates throughout the implementation process of the project, Head of the Department Mr. Ertan Göv emphasized that this workshop was important for the parties to have information about the project. He pointed out that the time has passed since the writing of the project and that the needs may change during this time and he emphasized the importance of finalizing the draft report after the recommendations of the relevant General Directorates and Non-Governmental Organizations were received.

After that, Team Leader Mr. Alfredas Zabieta stated that the two most important partners of the Technical Assistance Team would be the Beneficiary and the Contracting Authority. He stated that these two institutions would play a major role in monitoring the results, quality assessment, correct and efficient use of resources, and gave information about the project activities to the participants. The workshop ended after the questions of the participants were answered.